So I’ve been thinking a lot about the best way to go about this. Even after just a few short years of study, I’ve found that there’s such a wealth of information out there on all parts of the Bible from so many different angles – linguistic, historical, scientific, theological etc. – that, on reflection, I’m feeling a little daunted.

I know that I have things to share, and things which I can write about. But at the same time, there’s no way my journalling could compare to the depth and learnedness of some other websites and blogs that’re available right now on the Internet.

So many individuals and ministries have provided tons of teaching material on the Scriptures already, including the Torah, that even though I have no desire to compete with them, I can’t help wondering if/how much I should emulate them (… although, at the same time, I don’t want to be redundant either).

Right now, the question’s staring me in the face: what do I have to offer fellow students of the word?

But maybe I’m over-thinking it. I mean, I’ve been blogging for a few years now and never had a problem just writing my thoughts. Isn’t that a sufficient goal, modest as it is? Isn’t that the best thing I can do – all I can really do – in the end: be myself, and blog out of what I see when I approach the Scriptures?

Which I realise is quite subjective, and won’t address many questions/issues that other people might have when they’re reading the same passages. … But I believe the Holy Spirit speaks to all Christians. Each of us has a share in the revelation of God’s truth, and as we listen and respond to it according to the capacity that God has given us, we’ll each reveal a little bit more about Him and His word to one another, to the edification of all.

So the plan’s the same, and needn’t change, right? I’ll focus on blogging about the things which interest me; things that make me pause; things which I haven’t personally heard others discuss very much; and I’ll link to further resources on the questions that pop out at me in my studies. I’m not a great preacher or theology professor, but I can do this much. I can share my journey with others.

… I guess I just got overwhelmed for a minute. But I’m glad to have worked that out before I began.

Looking forward again to when the cycle starts. :)