So this week’s portion is Miqeitz (Genesis 41-44:17, meaning “from the end of”). Unfortunately, as noted in the previous post, I don’t have time to write a substantial entry, but it struck me that I could do something else.

I want to share a 3-part documentary series titled Pharaohs And Kings: A Biblical Quest, which originally aired on Channel Four in the UK in 1995. In it, archaeologist Dr. David Rohl takes viewers on a journey through the chronology of ancient Egypt which provides extremely strong evidence that scholars have gotten whole segments of it totally wrong, thereby requiring a complete re-evaluation of the real dates of both historical Egypt, and events written in the Bible.

I’m putting this up here because the existence of Joseph has long been a mysterious and disputed part of ancient Egyptian history, throwing into question the reliability of the Bible’s testimony. The problem lies chiefly with the fact that archaeologists can find no evidence supporting various Biblical events and figures when they consult Egyptian sources which are supposed to correspond to the same time periods. But Dr. Rohl’s work provides a good explanation as to why this is so: it’s not the Bible that’s mistaken, but conventional understandings of ancient Egyptian chronology, and how the Bible fits into it.

The series goes beyond the question of whether Joseph was a real person, looking also at the time of the Israelite kings and Moses, but the third part focuses more specifically on him. Enjoy:

And here’s a very good article from CMI arguing also for a revised Egyptian chronology which is well worth a read, especially if you don’t have time to make your way through all 3 videos at once – Egyptian history and the biblical record: a perfect match?

Next week, the Torah cycle continues with Joseph reuniting with his family, and Israel settling into Goshen. Have a good week. :)