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This week’s Torah portion is titled Bo (Exo 10-13:16, meaning “enter”). It details the birth of Israel as a nation through the Exodus, so it covers many things including the last 3 plagues (hordes of locusts, thick darkness lasting 3 days, and the death of all the firstborn in Egypt, both human and animal); the Exodus itself; the institution of Passover and the Feast of Unleavened Bread; and the law of the firstborn.

There’s an embarrassment of riches in terms of possible angles and material in this portion, but once you look at the big picture of the text, there’s really one glaringly obvious thing: Jesus as the Passover lamb. I mean, you can’t do a study of these chapters without seeing it, and since this is the first post I’m actually doing on this portion, ever, that’s the logical place to start, right?

So this post is going to be simple. First, I’m going to put up a video recording of a Passover Seder that was conducted in 2013 by a non-denominational church, teaching about its celebration from a Messianic perspective and drawing parallels between the Paschal lamb and Yeshua:

The file’s quite long because it includes teaching, worship and observance of traditional Passover rituals, but it gives a good sense of how a Seder might be conducted in a Christian setting. … I like it because there’s a real atmosphere of serenity and sincerity in its proceedings, and I found myself feeling rested and edified after watching it.

Next, here’s a great page from the website Hebrew for Christians providing teaching materials on various aspects of Passover – basics, theology, preparation and ritual, accompanying feasts (Firstfruits and Pentecost, including the counting of the omer) etc.:

Passover – The Festival of Deliverance

And finally, a little meditation on the Feast of Unleavened Bread which I wrote some time ago: The bread of life; and some brief thoughts on whether the Exodus was logistically plausible according to the record of Scripture, from CMI:

Logistics of the Exodus: How did Moses organize the Israelites to cross the Red Sea?

Next week, we look at the parting of the Red Sea and Israel’s journey to Sinai~