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This portion is titled Ki Tissa (Exodus 30:11-34), meaning “when you take up.” Among other things, it covers the remainder of the Tabernacle’s chief contents (the following introductory material provided courtesy of the Temple Institute in Jerusalem):

The incense altar
Here’s a picture of the altar, and some of its implements: the frankincense censerthe incense shovel, and the incense chalice. And here’s a brief article about the incense itself, and its making.

The copper laver
This is a picture of the laver, and an article about it. And for those who’re interested, here’s a piece about the construction of a new laver for the coming Temple in Jerusalem, as well as the making of an ornamental crown for the laver.

Hebrew for Christians also has a couple of good articles on this portion:
Betzalel and Messiah – on the parallels between the figure of Bezalel and Yeshua
Can God Change His Mind? – on God’s response to Moses’ intercession for Israel, after the golden calf debacle

… Unfortunately, due to continued time constraints, I’m afraid this is all I can manage for this entry, especially since I want to cover the next portion this weekend as well. I want to move into Leviticus with no backlog if possible, and I don’t know if I’ll succeed… but I hope I do.

See you soon.