And with the turning of the page, our journey through Numbers begins. Ahh… nothing like that new book smell huh. :p

So the first portion is called Bemidhbar (Numbers 1-4:20), which fittingly means “in the wilderness.” And when I come to this part of the Bible, I always think of a really interesting exposition of Numbers 1-2 that I heard Chuck Missler do a while back. Some of you may already know this, and I should say upfront that I don’t agree with everything Missler teaches (the pre-tribulation rapture and “once saved, always saved” being 2 examples) but I thought this was pretty cool. So:

… Neat, huh? (And there’s a written version of this study, with diagrams, on this page.)

One reason I liked this is because the Lord is described as riding on cherubim in the Scriptures (e.g. in Ezekiel 1 and Psalm 18), and when I read Numbers, I can’t help picturing Israel as a living, moving throne, bearing God’s presence quite literally upon their shoulders through the desert as they travelled, crowned with cloud, fire and glory. … The wonder of the thought astounds me every time.

So umm, that’s all I wanted to do for this post, though in spite of its brevity, I think it gives a bit of food for thought. I’m still a portion behind, but I’ll do my best to catch up in the coming week; Numbers is a very rich book, so I don’t want a backlog to take time away from my ability to do it what justice I can.

Looking forward. :)