Hey everyone, so sorry for the long silence… it’s been a rather busy time and initially, I was working on the next portion of Deuteronomy to get it posted, but about 3 weeks ago something unexpected happened, and I’ve had to shift gears.

My husband and I have been invited to teach the Bible to the youth of a little church. It’s the first time such a door has ever been opened to us, and we’re very happy and honoured to be given an opportunity to help feed God’s lambs. … It’s a day of small beginnings in every sense of the phrase, but we’re taking the responsibility quite seriously so for the last fortnight, part of our week has been spent preparing materials and curriculum, and what with the usual preoccupation with life, work and chores already going, I’ve decided with some reluctance that I should put Household Scribe on hold for now.

It wasn’t easy for me to come to that conclusion… I wanted very much to complete a full Torah cycle on my first year here at least (in fact, it’s a little hard not to take this as a sort of defeat, as silly as that might seem), but I guess God had other plans, and I’m embracing this development with hope and happiness all the same, and with all the optimism and enthusiasm my rather battered little soul is capable of mustering.

Of course, those of you who know me will know that I have a bit of a struggle with confidence sometimes, so pray for me if you don’t mind… pray for us, and pray for this fledgling ministry we’re embarking on. We want to help strengthen and establish these young hearts that’ve been entrusted to us in the truth of the word – we want them to come out of this loving and knowing God more deeply than they did before – and if that’s not the harvest we reap… well, then there doesn’t seem to me to be much point.

I’ll still be writing back at the Journey, though I don’t know when I’ll resume blogging here again… but if you’re signed on to follow me, you’ll be the first to know when I do. :) In the meantime, I hope the entries I’ve managed to do so far have been helpful/informative/edifying in some way to you lovely folks; please feel free to share any posts that you think others might be interested in, and I’ll see you when I see you, next time I see you.

… Thank you so much for all the times you’ve dropped by, and my love to you and yours. Shalom and blessings all~